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The roof of your home is a crucial element; it's a part of the structural bones of your house, so if there's damage to your roof, it can easily lead to a catastrophe. Leaks can produce mold and could cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in interior damage. Trust us when we say, nobody wants that! But not to worry; Corrales Construction LLC provides fast, effective, quality roofing installations and repairs when you need it most.

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Residential Roofing

Are you looking for a complete re-roof? There are many things that can determine whether you are out of the repair stage and in need of a new roof. We will come out and meet with you to go over all possibilities and give an honest and professional opinion.

When it comes to a re-roof, it can seem like quite the process, but it is actually surprisingly painless. Typically, depending on the size and risk factor we are in and out within a few days of our start date.

We will leave your home just as clean, if not cleaner than when we arrived. The only notable difference will be your new roof, complete with a warranty of your choice with up to 50 years coverage to provide you security and comfort for years to come. We can expertly install flat roofs, membrane roofs as well as metal roofs!

Roofing Repairs

Are you having issues with your roof, but feel it is not time for a complete re-roof? We have a dedicated crew to taking care of small and large repairs in a timely manner. We can have someone out to discuss options immediately, and get you on a schedule for swiftly moving repair crew.

As part of our roofing repair services we specialize in resealing penetrations such as skylights, pipe boots, vents, and more! We also clean off your roof, removing excess leaves, debris and other obstructions that crowd your roof and gutters. In fact, we also re-seal gutter miters too! In need of roofing re-adjustments or re-attachments? We're the team you want to call!

Roofing Inspections

National Roofing Contractors Association suggests home owners should inspect their roofs twice a year.

Even the strongest and most durable roof can have some weakness. Inspecting your roof twice a year can help you to prevent structural damage to your home, especially after the snow and ice we can experience here in Central Oregon.

Your roof may have incurred more damage than an untrained eye can see. If you have concerns, request a roof inspection from us today and get a full roof report and potential suggestions we may have.

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Roofing repairs

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Roofing Materials

Only The Best!

Here at Corrales Construction LLC, part of what ensures that our roofing services are superior to competitors, is the premium roofing materials we use. And we're proud to say we are a CertainTeed provider because of our exceptional roofing service and materials. For more details, call us today at (541) 797-4837.

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Corrales Construction LLC

Here at Corrales Construction LLC, you really do get the best of the best. As a general contractor specializing in roofing, we know that part of what gains us business is the coverage and amazing warranties we provide on our service and materials. Certified through Certainteed, you get premium service with us!

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Here at Corrales Construction LLC, we adhere to a strict integrity roofing system guideline to ensure that you are getting only the best for your home. Explore the requirements we meet when installing your roof below.

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