Corrales Construction LLC

Here at Corrales Construction LLC, you really do get the best of the best. As a general contractor specializing in roofing, we know that part of what gains us business is the coverage and amazing warranties we provide on our service and materials. Certified through Certainteed, you get premium service with us!

50-Year Warranty! | 3 & 4 Star Coverage!

Roofing warranties

Part of what really elevates Corrales is our exceptional warranties. As a certified ShingleMaster contractor, we offer 3 and 4 star coverage that is sure to prolong the longevity of your roof---proving to be a truly wise, worth-while investment. Check out some of the notable features our warranties include.

3-STAR Coverage 20 years 4-STAR Coverage 50 years
Non-Prorated Coverage

Materials & Labor



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